Introducing the Sit-Up Mat

Great For 6-Pack Abs

Professional athletes love the situp-mat as it provides them with the fastest way to achieve 6-pack abs.

Exercise With Back Condition

The sit-up mat is ideal for people with back problems as it provides the best support of the lower back during exercise.

Core Exercise With Weight Condition

People with overweight problems can finally exercise and do sit-ups to improve their core strength.

The best way to stay in shape is to use the sit-up mat regularly. It is ideal to maintain a perfect shape, especially the lower abs and back.

Even people with Sciatica and degenerative disc disease can now do sit-ups with ease.

Even in cases of extreme obesity it is possible to perform sit-ups because you start from higher incline.

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Dr. Mostafa Sheta

Dr. Mostafa Sheta is the inventor of the Sit-Up Mat. His special interest is weight loss. The Sit-Up Mat is designed for your comfort while enjoying your favorite show on TV or reading a book or magazine.

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